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Monday, November 16, 2015

Gifts from Aruba

My sister recently went to Aruba with her husband for his birthday. My brother in law and I have the same birthday so my sister got me a few things from Aruba. 

Ponche Aruba Cream Liquor ( I tried it yesterday and it almost taste like eggnog to me,has brandy and Rum, it's thick and  has a 10% alcohol level)

Aruba Coffee mug with a cute little spoon.

Aruba Aloe Ultra Hydrating Hand Lotion. (Smells so good!) It sounds like a very natural product from the description on the bottle. It has a website on the bottle 

She also got me a face cream by the same brand Aruba Aloe but forgot it at home and will bring it next time .

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ann Taylor Loft and T.J.Maxx Haul

Loft was having an additional 60% off the clearance price sale. My sister and I went in to look and I ended up walking out with a pink beige knit sweater, a burnt orange cardigan and a plum purple cardigan. I have been in love with Loft for the Cardigans for a couple of years now.

I got these 90 Degree by Reflex blue sweat pants with zipper pockets for $10 clearance at T.J.Maxx from $16

From Kmart, I got this Red Body Heaven by Warner Shapewear. I actually got a good price after using a lot of store coupons and points. I paid around $14 for both and the total would have been $42.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I woke up so late today. I went running around 11 because I felt bad I didn't go yesterday and have been eating like a pig. I was on my 3rd lap when my phone suddenly rang and it was my friend crying. After 3 mintues she asked to meet me up at the park to talk. I was feeling pretty shitty myself since the night before I text that guy to meet up (which didn't happen) but I realized that I'm trying to use him to move on from this last guy. I'm so desperate to move on but I'm still so strung up on him which is making me pissed off at myself.  Why can't I move on? what is stopping me?? Afterwards I went back home and ate something greasy. sigh I will never learn. I realized my headphones were broken so I went to Ross. Again,there wasn't any good makeup which still sucks! I got some Philips  white headphones for $11.99 and some Rampage 3 pack lace boyshorts underwear for $5.99.   I just been home cleaning and listening to music.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Small Ross Panties Haul

I went to Ross with my Aunt that is visiting from Mexico. They didn't have any makeup sets that weren't broken :( I did try on some clothes on but sadly nothing looked right on me. I did find 3 sets of cute underwear. I don't know why but wearing cute panties and bras makes me happy. If only I had a boyfriend *just kidding*  That is the last thing I need right now lol I'm just going to be sexy for myself lol

Tommy Hilfiger blue,red,white polka dots bikini cut 
Marilyn Monroe purple and black briefs 
st.eve red and black lace see through bikini cut (my favorites)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015


the Balm Nude'tude Nude Eyeshadow Palette $18

TJ Maxx
w7 In The Buff Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette
w7 In The Nude Nudes Eye Colour Palette

From CVS

wet n wild Mega last lipstick 917B Cinnamon Spice 
Makeup Academy Lipstick  #261 Brick


Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick  #70 Nude
Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick  #30 Red
Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick #20 Lilac
Covergirl Star Wars The Force Awakens Lipstick #50 Purple  

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I'm 30 years old now.  I went out the next day with my friend for late night Happy Hour which was nice to get out of the house. I did my make up and dressed nice since I rarely dress nice anymore.

I'm still unemployed and broke. I'm trying to stay optimistic but it isn't easy. I have been really focusing on my weight loss at the moment. I was 191 ( Yes,I had let myself go) in the beginning of this year but I'm currently down to 178 pounds right now. I have been going to run everyday and started doing workout videos at home. I can finally see a difference which feels good but I know I'm no where near my goal weight. I stopped talking completely to that guy and staying away from all guys! I'm just going to focus on myself and making myself a better person. I started to look into LVN programs and wish I had help figuring it out so I  thought my sister would give me advice but as always I can't count on them. 

I really love Spotify and Snapchat apps. Honestly I couldn't even go one month without Spotify! 

On Halloween night I received a call from this one guy we only talk once every three months. He only calls me at night, drunk and just wanting to hook up lol I think its so funny how he thinks I'm like a toy or something to pull out only when he is bored and has no other option lol  I told him hell no and said talk to you in 3 months lol

I feel so blessed to have so many high school friends that have been motivating me during my weight loss. They leave me so many post on Facebook just getting me pumped up and wanting to keep going.

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